AstroDose stands for quality

At AstroDose, customers buy their microdoses legally, safely and quickly in order to responsibly experience the benefits of the psilocybin truffles. We deal exclusively with natural, legal microdosing with unprocessed, fresh truffles grown in the Netherlands.

AstroDose is a pioneer in the field of microdosing.

Fifteen years ago we started distributing psilocybin truffles and now we do this on a large scale for our customers worldwide. Interest in the many beneficial effects of microdosing has exploded. Even though the phenomenon of microdosing is certainly not new, it is only recently getting the attention it deserves. As universities and knowledge institutes are increasingly investigating the effects of magic truffles, it has become clear in recent years that the use of the psilocybin truffle produces groundbreaking results for its many users.


AstroDose’s production and sale of truffles is completely legal. The truffles are grown on Dutch soil, are free of pesticides and are of high quality. The product has no addictive effect and is completely safe to use during working days. You will function better physically as well as mentally, but will not experience any psychedelic effects.

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