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Microdosing and Self-Care

If you are a regular microdoser, it is probably embedded fully into your routine. I mean, thats the whole point! A no-fuss addition to the regimen of your ordinary day, that can make it just that bit extraordinary. Extraordinarily productive, creative, focused — even just a touch more enjoyable. In fact, so convenient is the process that after a while you may just see it like any run-of-the-mill supplement. Which in some ways it should be. But equally, we can’t deny that microdosing with magic truffles certainly makes more waves than the average vitamin C gummy.

So, the next time you microdose on a ‘free’ day — a morning where you don’t have work, any errands to run or people to meet — why not try a self-care activity? Like everything else, microdosing with psilocybin can also enhance these too! Whether focusing your mind on deeper meditation, relaxing you while you apply a moisturising face-mask, or invigorating your stroll through the park — microdosing can enhance your self-care moments no end.

So with this in mind (and as lockdowns across the world continue), we thought it would be the perfect time to explore our favourite ways to combine microdosing and self-care. Because, let’s be honest, we all deserve a bit of love right now, and who better to dispense it than the person who knows you best? — YOU!

1. Microdose Before Your Exercise Routine

Perhaps we do not recommend microdosing and attempting a triathlon (unless that is your usual routine — in which case go for it!), but some yoga, stretching, swimming, or a light jogging could be a perfect combination with a psilocybin microdose. These activities are meditative and nourishing at the best of times, but combining them with psilocybin will bring them to a whole new level. You will be able to focus entirely on the feelings in your body, the sensations in your muscles. It is often hard to listen to our bodies when we are so disjointed from them — technology and everyday stressors make it hard to hear.

A microdose at before a taught yoga class can also be a cool idea. It can help you focus on the advice of the instructor. And even if you’re not following a specific routine but wanna loosen your muscles at home, why not just stretch in a way that feels right — like a kitty-cat would. And, the day after your dose you’ll still feel that slight warm, fuzzy feeling, perfect for a bit of ‘salute-to-the-sun’

2. Microdose And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Magic truffles, as natural products from the earth, always increase our feelings of closeness with nature. Next time you go for a walk, whether its taking in beautiful mountains, cliffs and streams, or a your local park — why not take your microdose before you head out the door? Even if you’re taking the same route you do everyday, it will appear anew. The trees will look extra vibrant, the wind will whistle to you, and the spring flowers will peep out of the earth, just for you! If just for a change of ‘scenery’, as well as all the alfresco joy you’re sure to feel, treating yourself to a microdose nature walk is a no-brainer. You’ll really come away having enjoyed the great outdoors — which can only be good for you, right?

3. Cut Down On Caffeine – Microdose Instead!

Of course, self care is about doing what feels right for you, and treating yourself. So prohibiting stuff, of course, doesn’t initially seem appealing. However! We are not telling you to quit your morning pick-me-up… we are proposing an alternative. Why not make the brains of Silicon Valley and swap your morning coffee for a morning microdose?

Its a great way to get ready for the day, and unlike caffeine, this imperceptible amount of psilocybin will not cause your energy to crash after a few hours. Neither will it make you all anxious and jittery, and liable to snap at a friend. It may seem counter intuitive to give up (or reduce your intake) of something as self-care, but your body will thank you. Additionally, the positive feelings a microdose brings will whisk the caffeine cravings away, by adding a spring to your step. And to top it off, unlike caffeine, psilocybin is not addictive… so percolate on that a little while… 

4. Master Your Meditation

Meditation is thought to be one of the best forms of self-care, as it helps you to reach inner peace on your own terms. It fosters balance and calm emotionally, mentally and physically. Once you have a meditation routine you have both a coping mechanism and a powerful skill. But, it can be hard to get started. Often we get in our own way. This is where microdosing psilocybin can help; it is clinically proven to get you out of your own way — in a way.

Psilocybin has been found to alter the working of the Default Mode Network (DMN), which creates both our sense of self, and all our anxieties and worries. While we need our DMN to function, being able to loosen its hold for a short while, and learning from this, is key. Next time you plan to meditate, perhaps microdose beforehand. Breathe deeply, focus your mind and feel totally present in yourself. And even if your mind wanders, some time to relax in peace and quiet can never be a bad thing!

5. Pamper Yourself

Ok, it’s a classic bit of self-care advice, but a nice, hot, soak in the tub can work wonders. Candles, bubbles, essential oils, a rubber duck — whatever your preferred pampering tools, there’s nothing more relaxing. 

Or is there… 

What if there was one little enhancement? You may be able to guess what we’re driving at here. A gentle microdose, can make your experience all the more cosy, dreamy and relaxing — it’s perfect! If you don’t have a bath, many people find a microdose can also enhance a shower — the euphoric feeling of the warm water hitting your skin is second to none. Sing at the top of your lungs, work up a lather, y’know pretend you’re in one of those old Herbal Essences adverts. You’ll feel brand new afterwards!

Shop microdosing now!

These are just some of our top suggestions — self-care is different for everyone. Whatever you do to unwind, take pride in your relaxation, you’ve earned it!

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