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5 Creative Activities Enhanced By Microdosing

People microdose psilocybin for a multitude of reasons. Some, are using it to manage and treat the symptoms of depression, anxiety or OCD. Others use it to treat addiction to alcohol or tobacco. There’s another bunch who just find it boosts their mood makes them an all-round happier and more energetic person. And, then there’s another crew who find that it boosts their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Of course you could be using it for a mixture of all of these reasons. Or, you started it for one issue — and ended up getting a whole load of extra benefits on top!

For many people the added creativity that microdosing brings may not be something they have considered before. Sure, it’s the reason that Silicone Valley folk use it, for dreaming up the iPhone3000, but what about other creators? Artists, designers, musicians — or even the home crafter, the parent playing make-believe with their kid, or someone cooking up a storm for a dinner party? Every activity can be made a bit more enriching and stimulating with microdosing magic truffles.

So, we’ve decided to list a few activities that can be made that bit more sparkly and engaging by microdosing. If one of your microdose days happens to fall on a ‘free’ day — when you’re not working, or a weekend, or some such — why not try some of these activities? Usually you may use your extra creative flow for work (I mean, no wonder you’ve been doing such a great job recently!) but on these days off you can really grasp it, and put it to work on something fun! Casual, enriching — ‘me time’ X 100 .

1. Make A Painting or a Drawing

For many people who don’t feel like they are of the naturally artistic persuasion, most drawing and painting stops when they leave school. You lack confidence, or simply don’t have the time to sit and concentrate and try. It can be strangely intimidating to face a blank page. However, microdosing psilocybin can help quieten the voice in your head that doubts your skills, a reconnect you with the child-like joy of making a mark. If you draw from your imagination, you can benefit from the increased creativity of your mind’s eye. If you draw from observation, you will benefit from the improved concentration and eye for detail your microdose facilitates.

Getting some paint in on the action can further fuel your creative fire. What colours inspire your slightly heightened senses? Is a yellow day? A blue? Watercolours are both cheap and effective if you want a more dreamy effect. You can layer on water and make some colourful drippy paintings, following that sparkly creative intuition.

You go, van Gogh!

2. Listen To, Or Play, Music

If music be the food of love, then play on! — said someone, sometime. *

But its true — music really gets us right in the emotions — happy, sad, excited, disappointed, all o’ them. This is only enhanced by microdosing; the connection to the beats, the melody, the lyrics all the stronger. Just listening becomes a creative act. You could pick an album that has special meaning to you, or try something completely new! The back catalogue of a band you’ve never quite ‘got’, or one of those seminal albums you just must listen to. It’s all waiting for your freshly freshened ears, because psilocybin is known to make you more open minded.

If you’re a musical type, have a jam along to your records! Or have a go writing your own songs. You could come up with the next big hit, but more likely you’ll just have a toe-tapping creative time. And that’s most important!

*It was Shakespeare!

3. Cooking or Baking a New Dish

Some of us love to cook — are just natural born chefs. A sprinkle of this, a sprinkle of that — like a good witch making a magical belly-filling potion. Some of us see cooking as more of a slog. In an ideal world we’d be on the Deliveroo, or in the local Italian, every day. Whichever of these you are, microdosing magic truffles can add some zest to your cooking experience. Give yourself time to fully embrace the time it takes. Stirring, or letting things simmer is all part of the meditative process. Taste and smell as you go, add a pinch of this, a pinch of that — follow your intuition! Enjoy the magic of putting a tin of batter in the oven and pulling out a fresh hot cake. If you think about it, thats some everyday sorcery right there… Your microdose will enhance the sense of enjoyment and creativity you feel in the making of your dish.

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking for a big group, your family or just yourself. Putting the love and attention into a nourishing meal is key to making feeling good. In fact, its especially fulfilling to spend time making a delicious meal just for yourself — often if cooking for one the temptation is to just throw together something easy and quick. But don’t — treat yourself to time spent! This is also self-care. Yum.

4. Make A Vision Board

Microdosing opens our minds and makes us realise how capable we actually are, as it quietens the Default Mode Network (DMN) in our brains that can make us doubt ourselves. Although it may not be quite as leisurely as the other activities so far, it can also be fun to do some casual future planning. Daydream about what you want. What you want to achieve in your life, where you’d like to travel to, experiences you’d like to have. Perhaps they are things you were shy to aspire to? Planning a trip around the world, for example, can be a daunting idea, and maybe that fear is what has stopped you from making the first steps towards your dream.

A creative and fun way to do this planning is by making a ‘vision board’. A vision board is a visual representation of the goals you want to manifest. Many people believe that by having your goals in ‘sight’ you are more likely to achieve them. Pictures of where you’d like to travel, things you’d like to do, and inspirational keywords and quotes. Making a collage is always fun, but this has the added excitement of helping you look optimistically towards the future! Your microdose will not only give you a bit more of a buzzy creative vibe to your design, it will also open your heart to explore what you really want.

5. Write / Journal

This is a simple one. Grab a pen and paper, or your faithful laptop, and just get down whatever is in your head. It’s funny — once you start writing (it’s starting thats the tough part!) you may find it hard to stop. Sometimes we don’t know how much is rattling around in our heads until we actually shake it out. Whether you get creative with some poetry or short story or just noodle around, maybe you’ll surprise yourself when you express your written voice. It’s why journalling has become so popular after all! And microdosing will make you feel freer to express yourself, and help your brain make imaginative connections — perfect for a bit of creative writing!

Another thing you could try is writing a letter. Maybe you have lost contact with someone, or just feel like you need to check in. Your psilocybin microdose may help you find the words you found tricky to say, or help you express the love you really feel.

Creative Enrichment

So there you have it! Creativity really is self-care, and enjoying these pursuits can make such a difference to your outlook in general. You may fall in love with a new hobby, you may just feel more rested and content at work the next day — either way, you’ll feel good.

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