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Taking Magic Truffles for Depression

Recent research has found that microdosing (using magic truffles) can be effective in treating the symptoms of depression. These studies have helped this previously overlooked treatment to become much more widely accepted. Along with anxiety, depression is one of the most common mental health conditions. However, despite their prevalence, they still have no concrete treatment.

Taking magic truffles for depression can be a literal lifesaver. However, if you’re interested in going down this path, please remember to consult your health provider before you change your routine, and begin microdosing magic truffles

What Is The Neurological Cause Of Depression?

Often, people describe depression as like feeling “stagnant.” Microdosing magic truffles pulls them out of that stuck feeling. What microdosing does to make this happen is that it interacts with the brain activity that regulates your ego. Which is basically the part that informs who we are. This is the voice inside our heads — and it’s called the default mode network, a.k.a. the DMN. 

The default mode network is a system in the brain that defines how we picture ourselves. An unhealthy DMN is working on overtime, making the person “overthink.” This is found in people with depression. Unfortunately, it is not a part of the brain we can intentionally control, but we can influence it through our lifestyle choices.  

Microdosing magic truffles gives the DMN the rest it deserves — you experience a ‘flow state’. It also facilitates increased feelings of compassion with your environment and the people around you, as well as less anxiety/fear.  

When the DMN is at rest, we are metaphorically pressing the restart button for this overstimulated network. Disrupting the DMN’s brain activity is one of the main ways magic truffles positively affect our brain.    

Microdosing Is THE New Approach To Treating Depression

Microdosing has been able to legitimise itself as a viable treatment, because unlike macrodosing, you don’t experience psychoactive effects. It’s a sustainable practice that fits into your daily life. 

Microdosing magic truffles can be done on work days, school days, or just days where you’re chilling at home. Essential to remember is that the effects of microdosing are supposed to be subtle, so that they don’t interfere with your day-to-day routine and obligations. This makes the concept much more accessible to people who would not at first consider themselves ‘into’ psychedelics.

Microdosing Magic Truffles vs. SSRIs 

So, how can taking magic truffles be a legitimate (and often better) alternative to traditional depression treatments like SSRIs?

Microdosing Truffles can: 

1. Increase Compassion 

By microdosing magic truffles, you may find your empathy increases. This trait is helpful for those coping with depression. SSRIs often seem to throw a blanket over your emotions. In the long run, magic truffles force you to be both more insightful and critical, leading to a better relationship with yourself.

2. Be A Solution For Treatment Resistant Depression    

Treatment for depression is a billion dollar industry and yet the rates of diagnosed depression are at epidemic levels (and still increasing). Research suggests that 55% of adults with depression suffer from ‘treatment resistant depression’ (TDR). That means they are immune to current prescribed treatment methods. 

Clinical research further found that antidepressants are just as effective as placebos when compared to magic truffles for people with TDR. 

3. Noticeable Results In A Very Short Time!  

SSRIs and therapy for example, take between weeks and months for people to feel the benefits. But, when treating symptoms of depression with microdosing, the positive effects can sometimes be felt immediately. 

4. Little-to-No Side Effects 

Magic truffles have little-to-no side effects and are considered one of the least toxic substances in the world. SSRIs on the other hand have a reputation for having side effects like lower sex drive, insomnia, weight gain, and nausea.  

5. Sustainable Results  

Traditional treatment for depression like SSRIs and therapy is done weekly, sometimes daily, in order to sustain the results. The benefits of magic truffles however can be felt up to 5 weeks after consuming. 

Microdosing XP For Your Depression

There are many tips and bits of advice that you can reference online for how to microdose, such as the subreddit, /r/microdosing/. One notable method is the Fadiman method, developed by Dr. James Fadiman himself. 

Dr James Fadiman

We recommend Microdosing XP using the Fadiman method for depression, because it’s designed to include gaps to give your brain a rest. Plus, it’s a good way to try out how your body and mind are interacts with the microdose when you first set out.  

You may hear that some microdose everyday or every 2 days. This is a valid option and of course, it depends on your body. But as beginners, it’s best to space your dosages out, in order to discover what works for you.    

Microdosing XP + Self Care For Your Depression 

Just remember that Microdosing XP is not a cure-all or a magic bullet. It takes self care, self awareness — basically inner work— to make a change. What Microdosing XP does is give you that boost of energy to do that work. Our product can be complementary to your current treatment, or with a new self care routine. Such as: psychotherapy, journaling, a balanced diet, supplements, vitamins, exercise, meditation etc.

So once you start with Microdosing XP, maybe it’s a good exercise to journal daily to check in with yourself. Then, based on your journaling, you can see if you need to switch up a microdose method and how your progress is going. Overtime, Microdosing XP takes you by the hand, and helps you to see the issues that may be at the root of your depression.  

And that is what traditional treatments cannot do. 

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